2014 To Do List

2013 was a great year, but it seems like it’s been leading to even great things for 2014. I’ve started making more of a presence professionally in my field; I’m comfortable taking on freelance projects and consulting gigs (and I love it!); and I’m discovering more and more of an amazing community that exists for project managers. I’ve also worked on some personal goals in the past year and accomplished a lot – more on that later. I’m hoping to keep this momentum going in 2014 and accomplish a decently-long list of to dos for the new year:

  • Master Google Analytics (enough to make sense of the oodles of data I have access to at work). I’ve bookmarked free online courses and videos and just have to sit down and do this. I write for and manage the blog at my job and would love to be able to pull more data about past posts.
  • Build a strong social media strategy for the year. I also manage the social media at my job and have done a great job at maintaining it, but I really think I can do more. The company has a lot of great initiatives in the new year and I’d like to capitalize on that through social media.
  • Implement Basecamp for the marketing department at the company I work for – something I’ve been working on since I started
  • Implement style and tone guide for the blogs and social media at my job


  • Publish articles regularly on my personal site – I have so many ideas and just need to start writing.
  • Publish at least 5 articles elsewhere on the web. I contributed to the Digital PM blog last year and it was enjoyable and exciting to see that online!
  • Hold a meetup for project management/industry professionals in the Capital Region area. We have AIGA and design/development oriented meetups but I’d love to see if there is an interest for a local meetup for project managers.
  • Speak at 2 local events or conferences (AIGA Student Portfolio Review Night, 1/28)
  • Train for and run a half marathon. I want to do this, and I know I can if I work on it. Bring it on!
  • Run in the Stockadeathon this year. This is a 15k that I was secretly hoping to compete in this past year, but I slacked on my training and didn’t hold myself accountable. There’s really no excuse this year – I have more than enough time!
  • Compete in at least 2 more triathlons. I did my first sprint distance this summer on a whim with a friend and LOVED it. There is nothing like being cheered on by total strangers and accomplishing something I never thought I’d even consider doing – it was amazing. I had the opportunity to sign up for 2 more similar tris after that and I wimped out. I really regret it and won’t let myself do that this year!
  • Create and maintain a list of races I’ve run in/have signed up for. Something I want to keep track of online.
  • Read 50 books this year (!). I miss reading. I learned a LOT about content marketing, social media management, project management, and design this year by reading tons of blogs and articles online, but I’ve really let my reading slip. I have a lot of professional AND fun books that I want to get started, and now is the time.
  • Travel.

There you have it. Now I just need to make it happen. I’ll be checking back in on these goals throughout the year. If you have your own, tweet me @talkanatalka or post yours in the comments!