Changes and Moving Forward

I’m excited to announce that a few weeks ago, I left my position in marketing at Mohawk in order to pursue a few new opportunities in project management! My main goals and reasoning were to get back into the digital/web project space, which I’ve really missed, and am so excited to continue again full-time.

Over the last few months I realized I was unhappy at my former job – a combination of not having a passion for PR (a big part of what I was doing), a lack of passion/understanding for the market space I was in, generally not enjoying the workflow and type of work I was a part of. I also really missed web work and client relationships.

It was a pretty big feeling, and a lot to take in. I was afforded a lot of amazing opportunities while at Mohawk, and I was incredibly lucky to work for a company with such caliber and history in the design world. I was able to meet and talk with designers such as Michael Beirut, Aaron Draplin, and Stephan Sagmeister. I worked with budgets far larger than I had ever been accustomed to. I was asked to travel to major design conferences like HOW and AIGA for work, which was something I had only dreamed of one day being able to attend. Most of all, being a part of a company that had such local and national reach meant I was met with a lot of brand recognition when I traveled in design circles – something I am not accustomed to – and was pretty amazing overall.

So why did I leave? I had been hesitant to take a job away from client work in the first place, but I loved the opportunities it afforded me at the time. I just didn’t grow into it, and knew it wasn’t a great fit from the start. I gave myself time to adjust and work on a variety of projects, and I hoped I would grow to understand and love this line of work.

It didn’t work out, but I gained a huge amount of marketing, PR, and social media knowledge while I was there. I was lucky to work with a visionary marketing team and some great design agencies, and encourage everyone to check out their products and news on the Mohawk blog.

For now, you can find me here, working with small agencies and large companies helping manage web and digital marketing projects, consulting and creating internal processes with these companies, and blogging about all things project management. Today is my one-month anniversary of setting off on my own, and I could not be happier.

Let me know if you have a project you need help with, processes you need audited, or just want to chat!