dpm2013 – The Project Management Community

A few weeks ago something called the Digital PM Summit took place in Philadelphia, the first conference for managers of digital projects. I read about it too late to physically be there, but I’ve followed all of the coverage leading up to the conference, during the conference, and now all of the great roundups being posted by PMs who participated in this event (in person or remotely!).

The goal of the Summit was to foster and celebrate a group of people who have been traditionally underserved in support of their profession. It seems like this was the push the PM community needed to form just that – a community. The #dpm2013 tag on Twitter seems to still be going strong and I’m really excited by everything I’m seeing posted and talked about. I’m excited to be a project manager during this time, and am even more excited for what the future holds in our profession.

I started this blog in large part because of the motivation I’ve gained from this awesome event, and in small part because I’ve been meaning to blog again but in a more professional arena. That being said, here are some of my favorite posts from DPM2013 that have recently inspired me to think more deeply about my career: