Make post-launch a success

Make Post-Launch a Success (Presented at Ground Control Conf in London, April 2017)

It’s launch day! You and your team have worked hard to achieve this — the moment when you release your client’s website into the wild, ready to go off and live on its own. But wait! Is the client’s team equipped to handle the growing needs of their new website? Who will be making needed updates? Are other team members involved in content maintenance decisions? And will your client be able to deal with the design and development needs of the site as the site’s purpose grows?

Join us as we work together in this hands-on workshop to start taking better care of our web projects by thinking about their post-launch lives early on in our processes. We’ll utilise our best project management skills to bring happiness to content managers the world round and end content debt for good!

In this workshop, we will:

  • learn how our existing website project processes often create content debt after launch
  • create processes we can use to realize commonly missed, intensive requirements for content managers
  • work together to make our clients’ lives easier as soon as their site is launched

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