speak at conferences about the importance of client advocacy early and often on projects. No website lives happily ever after once it’s launched unless we take care of it and plan for its longevity. I help web teams set up maintenance and support processes within their project management team, and help foster projects from launched to post-launch life. Hire me to help your team better serve your clients, educate on post-launch success, and work with embedded teams to deal with support and maintenance.

An example of services I’ve offered and used to help ensure post-launch success with various teams:

Initial consultation We meet for a half day to talk about your needs, your team’s current workflow, client pains, potential for new work from existing clients, and more.
Project/process audit I spend 8-16 hours auditing your existing launched/near-launch client projects and project management systems. I interview you and your team to understand how existing requests are handled, where gaps or wins already exist, and create custom suggestions based on this research to bring post-launch support systems into play.
Setup and support Along with the team, I implement any tools, data, and training needed to support your clients’ post-launch needs, based on my research and suggestions during the audit. We work through the processes together and give it a trial run in the way that best fits your business and client needs.
Offboarding to team I debrief with you and your team regarding the systems we’ve implemented, and help put in place any documentation or long-term training guides needed into place. I remain available for general check-ins and chats, as well as longer-term engagements if we decide this is a great fit.

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