PSA: Join DPM(ish), a newsletter for project managers

I’ve started a little project management newsletter called DPM(ish)—I’ve been wanting to do it for months, and finally went for it. We’re a few issues in and I’ve been sharing all of my mostly-project management thoughts, links, and news there.

I wrote a bit more about what the newsletter content and why I’m writing it on my newsletter page, but I wanted to share more backstory here. I love a good newsletter, and have been pumped at the recent abundance of interesting, personal, and niche newsletters that are popping up out of simple platforms like TinyLetter and slightly-less-simple platforms like MailChimp. It’s fun to read through personal or educational thoughts from people regarding their work, daily lives, or interests that we all share on a particular list. Some of my favorite newsletters are Action Now, literally anything from Amy Hoy, Facets by Ivana McConnell, Everything Happened by Evie, ...the fuck is this? from Bim Adewunmi, and A Swole Letter from Casey Johnston. The large majority of these cover industry or interest topics in a way that is personal, educational, and gives me a deep look into a particular thought and resources to keep thinking along those lines.

I wanted to create something similar to that, but for the digital project management world. I love having casual conversations with DPM friends about particularly deep and specific parts of project management. Similarly, I think we all have shared experiences of the “typical” kind of DPM topic and there are constantly new resources out there to share on things like burnout, project planning, and remote work. I wanted a place to share all sorts of resources and thoughts like this, from introspective to purely community news/resources based work.

A few topics that have been or will be covered in the DPM(ish) newsletter are emotional intelligence and personalty types in project management, unique styles of project management, recovering from difficult projects, what does career advancement mean as a DPM, remote work and mental health, and how we train as DPMs. Newsletters go out on Friday mornings weekly. If you’re interested in a particular topic, have a link or story to share comment below and join the mailing list.Let’s open up the PM community even more by talking and sharing resources together in a weekly format!