Here’s a quick overview of the services I offer and why they might work for you. Services may vary or be customized based on your particular needs, project scope, length of contract, or project complexity.

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Hourly Needs Per-Project Basis Retainer/On-Call Short-term Consulting
Good For: Unknown quantities of work, rush projects, less structured projects, website maintenance/support work only. A well-defined project that needs a project manager. Teams or freelancers that are low on project managers, need supplemental help, or have an unusually large project. Small agencies or teams of freelancers with a rolling load of projects, website maintenance and a need for operational/internal process support. Small teams or agencies new to project management or growing quickly, teams looking to maximize their project management impact, agencies experiencing a project management transition.
How This Works: You have hourly access to me on a weekly basis. I’m available for scoped or unplanned work weekly as needed. Your project is scoped and well-defined. I work as the PM on this project and you write this into your project SOW if needed. You have several projects that can benefit from a PM. I weekly hours to your work and give it priority—you know you have a PM committed to your org, I know I have a longer-term relationship with your team. Your team needs short term, expert help in project management review and training. We spend a short amount of time together with a well-defined goal, and then achieve it.
Example Services:
  • Work directly with clients on requests
  • Assign/review maintenance tasks
  • Manage rush projects or change orders
  • Support larger campaign or project launches
  • Break large projects up into tasks, timelines, and goals
  • Assign, track, provide feedback on project work
  • Manage project timelines and budgets
  • Project status communication with client and team
  • Audit all open projects/project tools
  • Increased pre-project and client support
  • Assistance writing SOWs
  • All project services from Hourly and Per Project columns
  • Project and process audit
  • New tool evaluation and implementation
  • Project profitability and historic analysis
  • Custom project management workshops
  • Training with existing tools and processes
Pricing Structure: $75-95/hour, depending on quantity, scope, and length of contract. 20-30% of project budget, reduced hourly rate, or flat rate, depending on scope of work. Weekly flat rate based on reduced hourly rate, billed biweekly or monthly. Flat rate per service, costs vary.

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