Weekend Reading & Tidbits

After a week knocked off my feet by the flu, I’ve had lots of reading to catch up on. Here are a few of my favorite links from the Thanksgiving break as well as this past week:

  • Writing with Experts by Kate Kiefer Lee: This, this this! I happened upon this link from a friend’s tweet and this is one of the best pieces about writing I’ve read lately. I really struggle with writing and can relate to the people Kate talks about working with. I love her take on managing writers and how she proofs work and deals with voice and tone.
  • Frank Chimero’s Writing Advice: I appreciated the simplicity of this!
  • Your Process Isn’t Sacred by Cap Watkins: A nice reminder that we are all messy in our process and not to get frozen in our perceived imperfection of our work.
  • 24ways, Process Topics: I’m slowly making my way through these posts from the 24ways advent-calendar style blog (I think these posts are from past years), and enjoying the variety of topics listed on the site.

That’s it for me – off to work on clearing out my inbox after almost a full week out of it. Have a great weekend!